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Culture - What for?

"Don't worry about finishing this project. We normally never finish a project, as we need to start the next one quickly!"

We discovered this fascinating culture (!) by having a conversation with one of our clients. That company has been successful, an exciting startup, which was on a significant growth path. Discussing with their top leaders and working on their culture, we discovered their ultimate goal: "becoming the number one in their field." This, at that time, was probably possible. Nevertheless, that specific habit did not allow them to progress further. Sadly, it was clear that they had no intention to change their company culture. Well, they were looking to scale up their business by continuing to do what had brought them success so far.

Today they are still an outstanding company, but they are not number 1, by far. Why? In our experience, to become number 1 starts with a company culture mirroring the determination to achieve it.

One thing is indeed clear: a startup culture needs updating as the organization scales up. In other words, we cannot expect to have better results by simply continuing to behave and act the same way.

Remember: either you consciously shape your culture or whatever culture you have will eat your new strategy for breakfast!

Care to know more about how to design your organizational culture? Do you know what it takes to enjoy a culture of "speaking up"?

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