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With 7D6 Wellbeing Solution, we concentrate efforts on a few critical areas

for improvement, allowing businesses

  • to allocate resources effectively,

  • align with strategic goals,

  • achieve more profound levels of improvement,

  • measure progress more accurately,

  • and avoid overwhelm.

Where do you need to focus on transforming the business into a better one?

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1) Focus



Clarification of the purpose

Creating alignment between what people believe in, think, say and do.

Sometimes, people feel that the venture's declared purpose differs from everyday reality. It's no surprise that there is low alignment.

1) Focus



Clear Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

A shared destination in navigating the everyday business of all

Why do people come to work every day? What measures their joint success? The group struggles to progress without a shared understanding of the ultimate destination and may even go in circles.

1) Focus



Essential behaviors

Success: doing a few things... Every day.

Few things make the difference between the good and the best.

1) Focus



Influencing for the shared Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

For sustainable changes

Silver bullets promise to change people's behavior at once. However, a single impulse is usually insufficient to change people's behavior and habits.

1) Focus




Everyone delivering on promise

How do you overcome obstacles and get results?

1) Focus




Speed up organisational adaptation

Embed it in daily life.

1) Focus



7D6 analysis

What is the impact on the stakeholders?

What is the impact of our business decisions, products, services and activities, the operation of the business in general, on all its stakeholders?

Other aspects of 7D6 Impact Solutions

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