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Requesting your opinion: Global Culture Benchmark Survey

There are written and unwritten rules in an organization’s culture that guide human behavior and as a result, influence the bottom-line. A good corporate culture enables an organization and it’s employees to execute superbly and innovate consistently. Would you like to know how your organization sizes up to the benchmark data in your industry? You will understand the crucial skills required in your organization or team to predict performance accurately. Please answer the following survey briskly trusting your intuition and experience. This survey will also help you to reveal some aspect and perceptions in your organization what you are not currently aware of. We take consent and data protect

Purpose, vision, mission, values explained

Does it matter? Yes, it does. Thousands of definition and uses of the terms; purpose, vision, mission, values, etc. are used by various organisations and people. As soon as you discover mismatches e.g. between the values of an organisations and the values of individuals from any stakeholder groups; a misalignment between the declaration of the mission and the actual daily activities and the experiences with the the products or services, etc, you might start looking for a consistent explanation of these terms. Here is our way of explaining it. Find out the details here in a prezi.


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