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Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

We all faced challenging situations in our career. Many of us immediately want to choose to be part of the solution and not the problem. If you jump to the solution immediately you surely skip the blame game, but you might miss a very important thing. I remember when I faced crucial challenges in my career: when the regional project with 13 countries I managed had a service which was questioned by the client in Prague, hundreds of km far from where I was at that time which jeopardized the company results. Or when an internal communication was completely misunderstood and created serious tension and resistance within the organization few weeks ago. We humans, we have the tendency to find so

La storia siamo voi - History is made by all of us

This slogan invites everyone - visiting the beautiful city of Bergamo, Italy - to keep the city, the monuments and the streets clean with a sustainable future in mind. In this quote 4 important elements struck me, when I have read it recently on the spot: History We are responsible You are responsible The request to act for sustainability These elements inspired me to write down my own thoughts on Inclusion and Diversity. Over the last two decades my team and I have contributed to one part of “D&I” i.e. “Diversity”. We have worked on the basis of - and the intention to bring about - respect and have worked with people on the various facets of diversity using different approaches. I believ


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