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Diversity? Yes! A male au-pair? No!

The first time I really felt “different” was 30 years ago when I decided to get out of my home country and work as an au-pair in Rome. React

Achieve an authentic connection between what you believe, what you say and what you do. Are there an

At any given moment people in organizations around the globe take an action or a decision which has an effect on the financial performance, or on the well-being of one or more stakeholders. Is this the direction you wish to go? You would certainly agree that many of today's societal and business issues come from not taking into account the interest of all stakeholders. Most of the problems is coming from a self interested, self determined, closed world that does not weigh sufficiently the impact on others. Sometimes there are dependencies created through reserving decisions unnecessarily to higher levels in the hierarchy. In many situations people can not get what they deserve, desire and v


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