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Achieve an authentic connection between what you believe, what you say and what you do. Are there an

At any given moment people in organizations around the globe take an action or a decision which has an effect on the financial performance, or on the well-being of one or more stakeholders. Is this the direction you wish to go?

You would certainly agree that many of today's societal and business issues come from not taking into account the interest of all stakeholders. Most of the problems is coming from a self interested, self determined, closed world that does not weigh sufficiently the impact on others.

Sometimes there are dependencies created through reserving decisions unnecessarily to higher levels in the hierarchy. In many situations people can not get what they deserve, desire and value, in particular if someone is misusing the information asymmetry or power imbalance because of knowledge and capabilities.

In spite of numerous initiatives around fostering diversity and inclusion, we observe suspicion and exclusion of those who think differently.

In case we want this changed, it is time to ask the question:

  • Is there an authentic connection between what you believe what you say and what you do?

  • Are there any gaps to close?

  • What behaviors should be changed?

  • How can we ensure that people will want and can enact the expected behaviors once they have the opportunity for it?

And what about making money?

We need red blood cells to live. The same way a business needs profits to live. The purpose of life is more than just making the red blood cells. The same way the purpose of business is more than simply generating profits.

Are you ready? In case you want to do more good while generating business, we would love to hear about you. Let's go together!

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We, at Inspiring Culture Association, are passionate professionals with a diverse international leadership background.

We encourage businesses and individuals to serve a higher purpose and to deliver a sustainable performance by being:

  • honest and fair with customers and suppliers;

  • a responsible and responsive employer;

  • a good citizen;

  • a guardian for future generations.

Read about us here: Inspiring Culture Association

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