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Crucial TIP: Separate facts from stories

Imagine... You have been promised a salary increase, and it is now long overdue. Are you hesitating between saying nothing and waiting, or expressing your frustration with negative consequences? Will you be able to express your request while preserving the relationship?

This is a crucial conversation where 3 ingredients combine: 1) opposing opinions 2) strong emotions and 3) high stakes. You may feel a little stuck. Are your emotions getting the better of you? Do they control your mind because of your fear of the boss's reaction? Or the fear of losing your job?

To stay in a productive dialogue, master your emotions, distinguish between the stories you tell yourself and the facts.

Learn more about Crucial Conversations for mastering dialogue:


About Inspiring Culture: We enable people and organizations to adopt behaviors that have a disproportionate impact on outcomes, and make sustainable positive differences in their environment.

Inspiring Culture is the authorized distributor of Crucial Learning in the French and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland and in Northern Italy.

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