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Crucial TIP: Express yourself before burning out

Have you ever been in such a situation?

You are under stress because of your workload and yet you accept a new assignment. Do you know how to say no when you start feeling the situation becomes unacceptable?

Even though your boss keeps saying: "I count on you, I know you can do it!"

You probably feel stuck facing what we call a Crucial Conversation, in which 3 elements combine:

1) strong emotions,

2) high stakes, and

3) opposing opinions.

As you normally do, you may decide to say nothing and then complain that it is always the same!

Our Crucial TIP is: Ask yourself: what do you really want? In a situation like this, how do you make sure you are listened to while maintaining the working relationship?

Learn more about how to stay in dialogue and avoid burnout:


About Inspiring Culture: We enable people and organizations to adopt behaviors that have a disproportionate impact on outcomes, and make sustainable positive differences in their environment.

Inspiring Culture is the authorized distributor of Crucial Learning in the French and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland and in Northern Italy.

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