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Crucial TIP: Do not wait

Have you ever been in such a situation?...

You want to express your disagreement with your manager or a colleague, but you don't feel comfortable doing it. How difficult is it for you to express clearly a disagreement?

You probably feel stuck facing a Crucial Conversation, in which 3 elements combine:

- 1) strong emotions,

- 2) high stakes,

- 3) opposing opinions.

In such situations, made worse by virtual technology, mastering your emotions is key and an important step to stay in a productive dialogue.

You may decide to say nothing or to verbally explode.

Our Crucial TIP:

Do not wait: say what you want to say as soon as possible.

But remember, be ready to listen as much as you want to give your opinion!

Interested in learning more about how to stay in dialogue and prevent a breakdown of the relationship?

Learn more about Crucial Conversations for mastering dialogue:


About Inspiring Culture: We enable people and organizations to adopt behaviors that have a disproportionate impact on outcomes, and make sustainable positive differences in their environment.

Inspiring Culture is the authorized distributor of Crucial Learning in the French and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland and in Northern Italy.

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