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Stop overthinking it, just do it!

“I swear I am not looking for excuses, but it is not my fault! You simply can’t speak to this person and even if you could, it wouldn’t work!”Ever heard anyone say that!? You maybe?

Brutally put, it is one of the top favorite excuses for procrastinating and for not doing what you very well know you should do!

Often, the comment that comes next Is equally disempowering: I’ll do it later! Really? When will it be a good time to make that call?

What’s the deal here? Is it a one-off behavior? Is it possibly a recurring one?

Face up to it, more often than not it is a habit! If it is a habit, then it is a repetitive pattern that you have created. It has now become unconscious and automatic, fueled by the release of chemicals rewarding your brain for it! And by the way, you totally believe the story of the above excuse and think it is a valid one! Indeed, repetition alone will not install a new habit.

Do we stand a chance to sustainably change behavior? The answer is yes! You can stop putting your head in the sand and pursue the results you wish to achieve.

Start from a situation where you feel “stuck” and review what daily habits are at play. Be honest and listen in full to the story-ies you tell yourself about that situation. Don’t you need to change habit(s)? If you’re like us, you may find it “mission impossible” (aren’t we the sum of our habits?).

If you need a hand, contact us and discover the The Power of Habit virtual or live workshop and the impactful steps you need to take to get rid of unproductive habits and implement new healthy ones.

Do not let problems run your business, control them and take action now!

What do you think?

Contact us, we would be glad to answer your questions.

About Inspiring Culture

At Inspiring Culture, we believe that sustainable performance comes from combining business and people management excellence.

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