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“No news is good news!” Really?

You most probably all know the anecdotal (true) story of the canary in the coal mine. And, well, you also know that when the bird no longer sings you had better leave the place! As you may be aware this was an advanced warning system allowing miners to escape lethal gas leaks before it was too late.

This reminded me of the well-known saying: “no news is good news”. Considering our work lives in organizations, does this saying apply to leadership?

Is a culture of silence and conflict avoidance desirable? Can we possibly lead an organization to success with such a culture? Of course not! But it is easier said than done and you do need powerful management tools to deliberately create and maintain a culture of open and productive dialogue.

The cost of silence is actually too high to keep thinking that “no news is good news”.

You can easily imagine the consequences of a “don’t rock the boat” culture in a team or in an organization as a whole, where people don’t dare speak up when a problem occurs and don’t talk when they should. It means loss of engagement, expertise and talent as well as waste of time and resources. Frustrations, absenteeism, presenteeism are on the increase and mistakes and errors abound.

We invite organizations to each implement their own advanced warning system!

How? You ought to raise your game, change for better habits and enable people at all levels to actually know how to speak up, how to provide constructive feedback, how to feel strongly accountable and how to change for better behaviors.

We, at Inspiring Culture, can help you and your organization do just that with impactful learning and development solutions, among which: Crucial Conversations, The Power of Habit and Influencer.

If, as we suggest you wish to implement a continuous listening culture, taking the pulse of everyone’s engagement and happiness on a weekly basis: use the Heartcount instrument. You will then be able to act based on people’s input without delay. Like you monitor your health by measuring your heart rate and blood pressure, do the same for your team, department or company.

Take steps in the right direction.

What do you think?

Contact us, we would be glad to answer your questions.

About Inspiring Culture

At Inspiring Culture, we believe that sustainable performance comes from combining business and people management excellence.


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