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Why use Heartcount? Are you ready to move to the next level of leadership?

Provide your managers with a tool that enable them to take the pulse of their team in real time.Why? Because we often run behind problems, trying to put out fires instead of preventing them.

Because it has now become obvious that people, feeling good, feeling happy or happier at work, are more productive and perform better.We also know that (see our last blog) that a toxic management environment at least doubles absenteeism. At the same time injuries and sickness leaves increase. And so, what is known as the “cost of silence” becomes considerable. Most well-managed companies use annual, bi-annual or quarterly surveys to gauge their employees’ engagement. This is great, better than no measurement at all, and we really encourage companies to continue using such tools.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those employee surveys are anonymous! Which means that apart from participation rates and aggregate ratings by question, the senior leadership in charge of taking action based on survey results is actually and literally “lost in translation!”. If you want more precision and actionable items, you have to invest extra time and money by inviting “focus groups” to get more granularity from the survey results! You may also have a look at the anonymous comments from survey respondents, but what can you possibly do with those?

We invite you to consider providing your managers with a different instrument, allowing them to directly measure engagement and happiness in their teams. How does it work? Every week, everyone receives an email with 3 questions (different ones every week), to which they submit their answers online in a matter of seconds, if they choose to do so. Comments, remarks or questions to management are also possible. The major difference with traditional survey tools is that there is no anonymity! As a team leader you know precisely how individual respondents feel question by question. That is a true pulse check! And you will soon make it a habit as a leadership team to review the weekly input. Correcting course becomes a compelling objective. Among other positive consequences, talent retention and absenteeism become manageable.

Take a first step to the next level and call us!

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At Inspiring Culture, we believe that sustainable performance comes from combining business and people management excellence.


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