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Knowing is not enough, “just do it!”

Paul, one of our clients, just told me that he knows very well that he should regularly call his business prospects but he complains that he has so much administrative work that he can’t find enough time for that!

Most surely, like Paul, you know full well what you should regularly do and you are trying hard!

But possibly, like Paul, you often don’t succeed and fall back to unproductive routines, and even procrastination. You know what is vital for your business and should take more of your time, but then why is it that you don’t change your patterns?

We all know that we create our habits and then they shape us! There is an abundant and fascinating literature on the topic, encouraging us to become aware of our habits, to change the bad ones and form new and better daily routines. For sure there are nice tip sheets available out there but how can we actually do all this? And make new habits stick? In a way, we are the sum of our habits and since they are part of us, automatic, subconscious, comfortable, we tend to not be acutely aware of them. Often, you’d rather find excuses than blame your lack of productive habits, like in the case of Paul.

Habits are indeed powerful features of ourselves, which we keep doing even when we know that we should be doing something else. We need to understand that we are behind these habits that now steer our life, on autopilot. What shall we do with the limiting and counterproductive habits that create problems in our lives?

At Inspiring Culture, we have opted for, and propose, a group coaching workshop based on Charles Duhigg’s best-seller “The Power of Habit”.

As an individual or an organization, if you are determined to increase your performance and improve your well-being, feel free to contact us.

Do you know how much bad or suboptimal habits cost you?

Join us and learn how to:

- Control your habits, not letting them control you

- Make them doable as willpower alone is not enough

- Make them desirable as your brain needs to want them

- Make them habitual to turn your skills into permanent and automatic behaviors

What do you think?

Contact us, we would be glad to answer your questions.

About Inspiring Culture

At Inspiring Culture, we believe that sustainable performance comes from combining business and people management excellence.

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