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Feel the pulse of your organization - Heartcount

If you truly believe that people are at the heart of any business, you need to understand how your employees feel at work on an ongoing and frequent basis.There is a growing need to go beyond traditional employee satisfaction surveys to be able to correct course and act in real time. Leaders need effective approaches to promote the well-being of employees and combat chronic stress, absenteeism and turnover in the workplace.

How about a new people management tool, that boosts your company’s attractiveness, improves retention and enhances the overall employee experience?

To allow you to “keep your finger on the pulse” we found Heartcount developed by Vega IT, with whom we have just signed a partnership agreement. By using Heartcount you take an important step in the right direction leading to a happier and high-performing workplace.

Heartcount is a great tool for implementing a culture of open dialogue and feedback, minimizing the “cost of silence”. Like you track your fitness, Heartcount does a similar job by measuring how employees feel at work, through online questions, on a weekly basis.

Want to learn more?

Have a look at the main benefits Heartcount can provide you by clicking here.


Contact us, we would be glad to support you with answers to your questions about Heartcount.

About Heartcount: Our tool helps organizations to understand how their employees feel at work and how that can be improved. Using Heartcount, companies can create happier workplaces, but also lower down turnover rates and become more successful.

About Inspiring Culture. We enable people and organizations to adopt the most effective behaviors and make sustainable and positive differences in their environment.

Inspiring Culture Sàrl is an authorized representative of Heartcount.

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