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Catalyze positive changes

Doing good and doing good business? It seems idealistic, but wherever we present our not-for-profit association, it positively resonates with all kinds of stakeholders of various businesses, employees, leaders, clients and shareholders.

The purpose of our international team of consultants is to catalyze positive changes in client organizations who want to do good and increase their business performance. We propose specific changes in behaviors and habits that will contribute to serve a higher purpose.

  • Other people matter (Solidarity) - Take decisions in the context of the values, expectations and needs of those with whom the organization would want to build relationships with.

  • Stewardship of people, values and resources (Sustainability) -Acknowledge and seek to measure the impact the business has on people, values, resources and the environment.

  • Valuing diversity and building bridges (Plurality) - Be clear as to who you are and what you stand for, combining this with an openness to enrichment from others, valuing diversity of thinking and cultures.

  • Create new habits and freedom with responsibility (Subsidiarity) - Allow people to develop by being able to contribute to the purpose and results in making decisions at all levels.

  • Building trust and trusted relationships (Reciprocity) - Use knowledge and capabilities to provide benefits that people desire and value.

What specific behavior and habit changes would lead your organization towards a better business?

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