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Cultivating an inspiring and caring leadership. What for?

Most of you would agree that „inspiring” is the most important word in this question. The leaders should show the way and create the „right" culture... and you are correct, inspiring is essential.

Did I say culture?

Yes, you know the thing that you cannot see, but has a terrible impact on your company if you do not cultivate the right one.

We all have direct experience that tells us that leaders instill a culture by the mere example they set and as role models while they are leading their teams. Which culture do you believe you are actually inspiring to your organization, right now?

The title of this post also suggests that a leader should care. Why?

Isn’t the word „care” reserved for Human Resources? I mean the touchy-feely people stuff!? Business is hard and the name of the game is rather „No pain, no gain”. When I discuss the topic with business people and line managers I still hear „ caring?” We are not in a kindergarten!” or „Aren’t we all grown-ups?” In my line of work I have often wondered about how much „caring” could have a very tangible impact on a company’s bottom line.

So what?

To find an answer to this question I have looked at a variety of factors that could explain why a caring leadership leads to employees walking the extra-mile for their boss or their organisation.

Is it about influence?

Thinking about influence, a story always comes to my mind:

A few years ago I was visiting business prospects and met Philip (alias). We got along very well and became friends. Several times a year I would visit clients in the city where he lived and enjoy a nice lunch together, sharing expectations and successes. He nonetheless never bought a single day of training from me! That situation was making me curious to understand the reason why he never wanted to do business with me and purchase one of our programs. You may think that he had no need for any of them or couldn’t see any value-added but I wanted to know what were the factors that could have such impact? How could I develop my influence such that anyone would want to purchase programs and services from me? Also, in the context of virtual team work, what is it that explains why people are going to help each other nor not?

Well, there are many parameters indeed but 2 of them come up consistently when analyzing successes and failures:

1) Knowledge & expertise: How much people see you as a very competent person and a real subject matter, and

2) Would you take a guess regarding the other one?

Imagine a colleague of yours, who may like you and even find you inspirational, if you don’t manifest that you care about his or her professional and personal life, you will not get much support from them whenever you need it. If you don’t give any importance to this person, they’re likely to reciprocate!

Have you already been in this situation?

Achieving a lasting impact

If you do not get the result you want, stop behaving in the same way while expecting different results! Inspiring people will lead them to respect your role and caring will increase your level of influence.

But how?

Adopt the right leadership approach, starting with basic integrity and honesty, which is the first stage of building trust, and then go beyond by demonstrating that you care about your reports, peers and boss, which what will enable people at all levels to make progress and change for good.

If you wish to know how to specifically manage this situation successfully call us: we know how to survive these effectively and productively!

Let’s build a new story together and remember

About Inspiring Culture Association

We, at Inspiring Culture Association, are an international not-for-profit team of consultants. Our purpose is to catalyze positive changes in client organizations who want to do good and increase their business performance.

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