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Patient centric solution for smart and sustainable healthcare (ACESO)

Patient centric solution for smart and sustainable healthcare (ACESO)



Oral hygiene is a daily activity performed by all people. Hence, one can envision a time when this activity can be exploited to infer a wealth of information about the person performing it. In the vision of dental care manufacturers, smart toothbrushes of the future will be able to gather information about the general health of the user and wellbeing. However, until this vision becomes reality, we are proposing to develop the ACESO platform which combines, in an intelligent manner, oral hygiene information with body health and activity parameters. The main functionalities of ACESO are

  • monitoring physical health parameters and oral hygiene;

  • reminders for users;

  • maintaining oral care through personalized brushing experience and assessment tools for caregivers.


Coordinator: Centrul IT pentru Stiinta si Tehnologie

Hungarian consortium partner: Inspiring Culture Kft.

National Contact Point: National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Project code: 2019-2.1.2-NEMZ-2020-00011

Duration: 36 monthsS

tarting date: 01.05.2020.

Total budget: € 2,705,088

Public contribution: € 1,872,930 More about Aceso...


About AAL

AAL- Ageing Well in the Digital World - is a funding program that aims to create a better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities in the field of healthy aging technology and innovation. More about AAL.


About Inspiring Culture Kft.

Inspiring Culture, enable people and organizations to adopt the most effective behaviors and make sustainable and positive differences in their environment through catalyzing change. The role of Inspiring Culture Kft in the AAL Aceso project is to facilitate business strategy, sales and marketing, market orientation to R&D, spin offs, attracting capital, IP protection, and dissemination  strategy. More about Inspiring Culture...




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