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DigiCirc will create new opportunities for SMEs in the domains of Blue Economy

Is your SME looking for support to develop digital technologies for Blue Economy domain? Join us by applying to DigiCirc Blue Economy Accelerator Programme!

DigiCirc Blue Economy Open Call is now open for applications!

DigiCirc (European cluster-led accelerator for digitization of the circular economy across key emerging sectors) is a European H2020 INNOSUP project gathering 11 partners led by Cap Digital. It aims at boosting the circular economy by leveraging digital tools. The project will support highly innovative SMEs in the business development and marketing of solutions, products, processes based on circular value chains.

DigiCirc will organize 3 Accelerator Programmes throughout 2020-2022, with €2.4 million committed in cascade funding for SMEs, namely: Circular Cities, Blue Economy, and Bioeconomy.

DigiCirc has just launched the Open Call for Blue Economy: we are now looking to fund and support SME that have innovative digital technologies solutions by addressing specific challenges in the domain of Blue Economy, and invite them to join this transformation of EU Blue Growth by providing a more circular economy approach.

How does it work?

DigiCirc will fund SME-led consortia (up to €60K per SME) through the three project open calls, to develop their digital solutions under Circular Economy-specific domains. In order to enable the creation of SME consortia, SMEs are invited to register at DigiCirc Matchmaking Tool and contact other SMEs to make synergies towards building consortia.

By applying to Blue Economy open call, we will offer SMEs the chance to join an exciting accelerator program, where they can develop their own solutions addressing specific challenges under this domain. Blue Economy Accelerator Programme, is a highly intensive and innovative 12 weeks-long innovation support program, with a total budget of €800k and will fund a minimum of 15 SME-led consortia.

What's in it for SMEs?

  1. Up to €60k equity-free funding per SME/Start-up

  2. 3 useful digital tools and data to facilitate the digitization process

  3. Strategical European partnerships through Matchmaking activities

  4. One-on-one Business Coaching support

  5. Thematic Mentoring support provided by industry experts

Interested in joining the digitalization of Circular Economy?

Applications to Blue Economy Call are open until 3 August, 5pm CEST (Brussels Time).

Find out more about DigiCirc on

Read the programme guidelines carefully and APPLY NOW!

DigiCirc aims to empower SMEs to leverage digital technology as a key enabler for innovative circular services, processes, and business models. The project targets three strategic high-growth domains – Circular cities, Blue economy, Bioeconomy – and will organize three business acceleration programs with a total budget of €2M to support SME/startup innovation for the circular economy domain.

Inspiring Culture Association is responsible for supporting the DigiCirc project through coaching, promotion, dissemination, training, and coaching, simply, catalyzing better business.


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