Living in the Lag with Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit

- The English poet, John Dryden once wrote, "We first make our habits, "and then our habits make us." And that's great news when you have a habit that helps you succeed. Our habits can propel us to incredible accomplishments, but when life changes, when our goals or values or our job or family shifts, our habits can hold us back, especially if we don't understand how to change them.

Think of a time when your values or aspirations changed, but you failed to change your behavior to match them, or your roles and responsibilities at work shifted, but despite your best efforts, your performance didn't keep up. How did it affect your life?

In The Power of Habit Training, this delay between wanting or needing to change and actually changing is called "The Lag." And that lag can affect our personal relationships, our social life, our jobs, our health, even our families. Most of us try to exit the lag through willpower. "If we just try hard enough," we think, "this time we'll change." And sometimes that works, but often, it doesn't. Studies tell us that willpower is like a muscle. It gets tired and often fails us when we need it the most. And then we get discouraged, or even worse, we start to feel guilty or frustrated or stressed, making it even harder to change next time.

That's why we made The Power of Habit Training, to give you the skills you need to gain traction, to exit the lag and to get the results you want. The first step is to spot the lag, to recognize it for what it is. Through individual and group exercises, you'll learn how to identify where you're stuck. Sometimes it's obvious, but the training exercises help you spot the lags that aren't so obvious and clear. You'll learn how to spot the loops in your life, the habit loops, that is. Those specific cues and routines and rewards that are keeping you stuck, and that once you change, unleash your potential. And once you've identified your lags and the habits that might be holding you back or helping you get forward, and you've learned how habits work, that's when you have this insight to start fiddling with the gears inside your head, to start changing the patterns in your life. Each day begins to feel less like a mountain of obstacles and more like a game of chess, where you apply your skill instead of your willpower to succeed.

These are the skills and more that you'll learn in The Power of Habit Training. Join us soon to learn how to live the life you want to lead.